Book review #264: Flashlight

Flashlight by Lizi Boydby Lizi Boyd
Wordless picture book
Interest level: K-3
Reading level: everyone
4 out of 5 stars

There is a lot going on in this wordless picture book, and it will keep you enchanted for read after read. The basic story involves a young child sleeping overnight in a tent in the woods. The child starts exploring the forest with a flashlight. You really can’t discern if the child is a boy or girl, which I like because it makes it easier for both sexes to relate to the main character.

The majority of the page is done is black and gray tones and there isn’t a lot of detail, because we can’t see that in the dark. What is special though, is that the reader can see all of the creatures that are hiding in the darkness, just outside of the flashlight beam. As the beam of light lands on an area, we get bright colors. Each page also features a cut-out, which begs further exploration and flipping back and forth.

The ending is humorous and fun, and this book will really delight young readers who are willing to explore the darkness with the main character.

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