Book review #273: George Washington’s Birthday: a mostly true tale #bookaday

by Margaret McGeorge Washington's Birthday by Margaret McNamaraNamara; illustrated by Barry Blitt
Picture book
Young Hoosier Book Award 2014-2015 nominee
Interest level: K-3
Independent reading level: 2.3
3 out of 5 stars

This book is an interesting combination of a fictional story about George Washington on his 7th birthday, and facts about the man and his life. McNamara has combined factual information with myths from George Washington’s life and presented them all in the course of this one day. For example, she shows what kind of student he was, as well as including the cherry tree chopping myth. The illustrations fit the story well in their style, but aren’t compelling to young readers.

As an adult reader, I understood that she was combining a wide variety of George Washington stories, from different times in his life, into one story. I think this might be confusing and uninteresting to young readers. There is a note from “George” at the end of the book which explains how everything is tied together and its significance. I did learn many new and interesting facts about the President!

Overall, I don’t think this book will have a very high interest level with its intended audience.

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