Book Review #301: So Few of Me #bookaday

So Few of Me coverby Peter H. Reynolds
Picture book
Interest level: K-3
Reading level: 1.7
5 out of 5 stars

How appropriate to read this book on Christmas eve! SO FEW OF ME features a young boy who was extremely busy. He tries to make a list to help him get organized, but there always seems more to do. So he makes the offhand comment that it would be nice if there were two of him, and suddenly a second him appears at the door. The message in the story is that we will always make more busy, no matter how much help we have, but we need to remember to stop and dream as well. I love when Leo makes this discovery, “What if I did less — but did my BEST? Then one Leo is all I need. Just me, just one…with time to dream.”

The timing of this book was perfect to remind me to enjoy life, not just exist. Peter Reynolds is one of the most inspiring authors out there, and this book is a gem!

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