Book review: Rain Reign #bookaday

Rain Reign coverby Ann M. Martin
Realistic fiction
Schneider Family Book Award Middle School: 2015
Interest level: grades 3-6
Reading level: 3.5
5 out of 5 stars

I fell in love with Rose, the main character in RAIN REIGN. She is such a complex and intriguing person and you can’t help but root for her. Rose loves homonyms (like the book title), prime numbers, her Uncle Weldon, and Rain, her dog. The relationships between Rose and Uncle Weldon, and Rose and Rain, are such beautiful examples of pure love, where each party accepts the other person for their strengths and weaknesses. Those are the good things in Rose’s life.

But the beauty of Rose and her story comes in how she handles the hard parts of life — her single father who drinks too much and angers too quickly, the arrival of a super storm that throws her life into turmoil, struggles to make friends and find acceptance at school. Rose is an incredibly smart and strong young female lead in a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, with a Kleenex close at hand.

This story is told from Rose’s point of view and lets you in on her thoughts and feelings. Rose has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and part of what makes RAIN REIGN so wonderful is that as readers we get a glimpse of the world through her eyes. I would love for everyone who reads this book to come away with a better understanding of people with ASD and how the label does not define or limit them as people.

This would make an amazing class read-aloud.

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