Book review: Skink–No Surrender #bookaday 3 out of 5 stars

Skink--no surrender book coverby Carl Hiaasen
Chapter book
A National Book Award Longlist Selection
Interest level: Ages 12 and up
3 out of 5 stars

I like Carl Hiaasen books for kids, starting way back with Hoot, and Skink–No Surrender is his newest work that is targeted for slightly older readers, grades 7 and up. The only reason I might not recommend this book for elementary age readers is because of the more mature situations the main characters encounter. Richard’s cousin, Malley, has gone missing and he discovers she has gone away with a questionable individual she met online.

Richard also meets a character from Hiaasen’s adult novels, Skink, who is one of the most interesting individuals ever imagined by an author! I love Skink! There is definitely a lot of suspense as Richard and Skink track Malley through the Florida swamp.

Hiaasen also includes strong environmental messages in his books, and Skink–No Surrender is no exception. Sometimes it comes on a little strong, but I agree with his beliefs, so am not bothered by it. I also feel this book delivers an important message about online safety and the importance of keeping yourself safe.

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