Book review: Buddy and the Bunnies in don’t play with your food! #bookaday 4 out of 5 stars

Buddy and the bunnies in don't play with you food book coverby Bob Shea
Picture book
Interest level: K-3
Reading level: 1.6
4 out of 5 stars

I really loved this Buddy and the Bunnies book. At first it reminded me of Keiko Kasza’s My Lucky Day, where the very thing that is planned for dinner, keeps distracting and delaying the moment of being eaten. In this story, Buddy the monster plans to eat some bunnies he finds, but they were about to bake cupcakes, and he is very willing to wait until after the cupcakes to eat them. After eating a few too many cupcakes (and who can’t relate to that!) he has to come back tomorrow to eat the bunnies. But then they have to go swimming because it is so hot out….you get the picture.

I love how each day there are more and more bunnies, and the final message at the end is very sweet, “And I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to eat your friends!” This would make an excellent read-aloud from pre-school age children up to third grade.

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