Book review: Duncan the story dragon; 5 out of 5 stars #bookaday

Duncan the story dragon book coverby Amanda Driscoll
Picture book
Interest level: Pre-K through 1
Reading level: 3.6
5 out of 5 stars

Amanda Driscoll has managed to take a much written-about topic, a love of reading, and make it fresh and fun. Duncan the Dragon loves to read, and in fact he gets so excited by books that his imagination catches fire, and unfortunately he ends up setting the books on fire before he’s able to hear those magic words, “The end.” As you can imagine, this frustrates Duncan, but he comes up with the brilliant plan to have a friend read the books to him, that way he won’t set them on fire when he gets excited! But will Duncan be able to find anyone brave enough to be friends with a fire-breathing dragon?

Driscoll’s illustrations are adorable, creative, and colorful. Children will be drawn to the images. The text on each page is minimal and larger in size, which is perfect for young children to help read along with an adult or to begin to read on their own.

Overall, this book is delightful!

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