Book review: 1621: a new look at Thanksgiving; 4 out of 5 stars #bookaday

1621 a new look at Thanksgiving book coverby Catherine O’Neill Grace and Margaret M. Bruchac, with Plimoth Plantation; photographs by Sisse Brimberg and Cotton Coulson
Non-fiction picture book
Interest level: grades 3-5
Reading level: 7.1
4 out o 5 stars

1621: a new look at Thanksgiving provides an updated look at how the tradition of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday came about. This book addresses the myth about the “first” Thanksgiving, which is often depicted showing the colonists in hats with buckles and the First/Native people in full feathered headdresses. It provides a history of the Wampanoag people, and gives insight into the true relationship with the colonists.

This book would make an excellent addition to classroom and elementary school libraries. It is a short, but informative read, that features engaging color photographs, maps, and even recipes to make some dishes that might have been served. Many of the food we now associate with the traditional Thanksgiving meal were not available in 1621 in Plymouth.

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