Book review: Home; 2 out of 5 stars #bookaday

Home book coverby Carson Ellis
Picture book
Interest level: Pre-K through 3
Reading level: 1.6
2 out of 5 stars

I really liked the overall theme of this book — everyone’s home is different and special. The reader goes on a journey, following a dove, that depicts many different homes, some real, some historical, some fantastical. The final group of illustrations shows the home of the artist, and the inspiration for many of the other homes.

However, I did find some of the stereotypes of people and homes to be disturbing. The illustration of a palace in the Middle East depicts a bare-chested, bearded man holding a scimitar while two men in an underground lair smoke and count money. Oh, and a woman lounges on a pile of wealth. Another two-page spread depicts a wealthy home of a white Slovakian duchess, contradicted with the tin-roofed dwelling of the Kenyan blacksmith.

I think the overall intent of the book is good and means to be all-inclusive, but I am concerned with exposing children to some of the negative and offensive stereotypes.

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