Book review: Treat; 4 out of 5 stars #bookaday

Treat book coverby Mary Sullivan
One-word picture book
Interest level: Pre-K through 1st
4 out of 5 stars

Following in the footsteps of Ball, Mary Sullivan returns with a new, single-word book, Treat. For me, the antics of the dog, and the yearning for treats, seemed a bit forced at times. Ball was such a masterpiece, and flowed so smoothly through the day of a dog who loves playing with a ball, but Treat didn’t have that same novelty to me. It seemed to run a bit long, and I got bored with the dog’s begging and being ignored.

The illustrations are cute, and children who are just putting together the idea that letters make words, will delight in being able to read all the words in this book (there’s one)! Treat is enjoyable, but if you haven’t read Mary Sullivan’s other book, Ball, I would recommend it first. The illustrations in Ball are a little less cluttered, and the repetition of the one word doesn’t get tiring.

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