Spot, the Cat book coverby Henry Cole
Wordless picture book
Interest level: Pre-K and up
5 out of 5 stars

This wordless picture book starts off with the title being a play on words. Spot is the name of the cat, as the title tell us and we can see from the opening illustration showing a white cat with one dark spot on its side. But the title also hints at the hide and seek adventure that the reader will go on once he opens the cover.

Cole’s black and white, heavily detailed illustrations tell the story of a cat who slips out an open window one day, and the young boy who searches a busy city for his beloved friend. As the boy scouts the bustling city, through markets and train stations, and past fire stations and museums, there are enough distractions in the way that he continually just misses seeing Spot. The jacket flap states that Spot can be found on each page, but there are a couple of pages where I have yet to locate him!

The illustrations will keep readers busy for quite awhile, not only locating Spot and the boy, but also noticing all the other characters and events that are happening. Eventually both the boy and cat wander home, and the close up of their peaceful reunion is heartwarming. The contrast between the closeup style of illustrations when the boy and cat are content at home, and the distant, visually busy images of the search through the city, is a great contrast that helps convey the emotions of the story to the reader. This is a very well-done and engaging work!

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