Book review: The great American whatever; 5 out of 5 stars #bookaday

The great American whatever book coverby Tim Federle
Young adult novel
Interest level: Grades 8 and up
5 out of 5 stars

Tim Federle has crafted a story that features complex and real characters, and placed them in a setting that is full of both sadness and joy. It is a complex undertaking that he balances very well.

Quinn Roberts is about to turn 17, and he has a lot to deal with. He’s never had a boyfriend, his mom is homebound and sleeps on the couch, his air conditioner has died during the heat of summer, and oh yeah, his sister died in a car wreck six months ago and he isn’t sure how to move on. His best friend, Geoff, basically drags him out of the house and back into life, and the journey that Quinn starts on will help him learn not only about himself, but more about the people he thought he knew best.

I listened to the audiobook version that is read by Tim Federle, and let me just say, that it is fabulously AWESOME!! Federle’s characters are real, flawed, and full of personality, and his literal voice brings them to life even more.

I recommend this book for young adults who like realistic fiction that covers the full gamut of emotions. There is plenty of sarcastic humor in this book that made me laugh out loud, and also made the sadness of losing a sibling not feel overwhelming. It feels a lot like life in that way.

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