A Perfectly Messed-Up Story; 4 out of 5 stars #bookaday

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story book cover

This is a fun, interactive story that leaves the reader with a good lesson.

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story
by Patrick McDonnell
Little, Brown and Company, 2014
ISBN 978-0-316-22258-7
33 unnumbered pages : color illustrations ; 22 x 25 cm
YHBA picture book nominee, 2016
Interest level: K-3; reading level: 2.1
4 out of 5 stars

The narrator begins the story with Louie skipping along and singing. Until suddenly a splat of grape jelly lands on the page halting him in his tracks. Speech bubbles now have Louie interacting with both the jelly and the reader directly, breaking through the hidden fourth wall.

My absolutely favorite page is when Louie is complaining about people who would eat a jelly sandwich while reading his story and gets peanut butter plopped on his head! More and more keeps happening, and the contrast between the water color illustrations of the story, and the real-looking splats, plops, fingerprints, etc. that invade the story made a delightful contrast.

After a brief tantrum, Louie realizes that even with all the interruptions and smears and stains, his story is just fine and he isn’t going to let anything stop him! A wonderful message to share with children. What makes it even more special is that just when Louie takes the stand and states that nothing is going to stop him, the next page reads, “The End.”

Definitely a lot of laugh out loud moments that young readers will delight in as they share this book with an adult or read on their own.

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