It is Not Time for Sleeping (a bedtime story)

It is Not Time for Sleeping: a bedtime story book cover

This is the loving story to read to a young child at bedtime.

Picture book, fiction
Interest level: PreK-2nd grade; reading level: 2.1
4 out of 5 stars

This story celebrates the bedtime ritual of a young boy and his parents. After each step — bath, pajamas, teeth brushed — the boy always announces that “it is not time for sleeping.” The story builds with each step being repeated and added onto until the reader finally discovers what the final step is before the boy is ready for sleep.

Lauren Castillo’s sweet illustrations are calm and loving, perfect for a bedtime story. They match the tone of the text and leave the reader with the feeling of having participated in a special family moment.

While I really did love the story on a personal level, it definitely reflects a very old-fashioned family atmosphere. For non-traditional families, this story might not resound as well. What about the families where parents work multiple jobs, or where more than one child shares a room? I would caution teachers or librarians to be aware that not all families are like the one reflected in the story and that in no way should this be held up as ideal bedtime. A discussion could be started about how this child has certain bedtime rituals, what are yours?

It is Not Time for Sleeping
by Lisa Graff; illustrated by Lauren Castillo
Clarion Books, Hough Mifflin Harcourt, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-544-31930-1

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